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Url Cow - Free URL shortener

URLCow is a free URL shortener service (a.k.a. URL or link redirection), that allows you to shorten your links. This is very convenient f.e. for Twitter, Facebook, other social media, SEO (Google etc), links within your outgoing emails. Simply type/paste your long URL in the box above to shrink it and the short URL will forward to the long one. The short URL you create never expires.

We added some cool additional options. A custom URL (f.e., an expiry date (so f.e. your URL expires after 3 months if this is what you wish), a password (if you need your short URL to be private) and total uses, f.e. your URL can be used a maximum of 10 times if you want this for some reason.

Register today at URL Cow so you can easily create shortened URL's in the future. Or if you need just one URL to shorten enter your long URL above and shorten it instantly.